Maricopa County





Working with Anil was a pleasure.  Maricopa County had a large number of RFPs and, in particular, a new Correctional Health Services system that needed to be sent out and approved immediately.   We did not have time to manually sort through several responses and vendors.  The idea around the system was simple as explained, but we understood its complexity.  Anil patiently worked with us and sorted through details to create a robust system that was even more sophisticated and had a larger variety of capabilities than we could have ever imagined.

Anil’s attitude was always positive and he fostered a collaborative environment.  He never assumed what we wanted or what was best for the system.  He thoroughly discussed requirements with us, and consented with us on any upgrades or new specifications that he felt would improve the overall package.  His thoughts and suggested improvements were insightful and improved the overall ease and usability of the system.  Anil worked quickly and efficiently and delivered a beta product in less than 3 months.  The system was successfully used for an RFP within the first month of its release.  Additionally, the system required upgrades and improvements on several occasions.  Anil attended to our requests immediately and often completed these improvements within a week despite his other client engagements.  He is also always available if we have any questions, and always gets back to us immediately. . .

. . .Overall we are extremely pleased with the delivery and the tool itself.  We plan to continue using the tool and would not hesitate to call Anil again for help with the software.