Ingram Micro

Senior Director,

Global Change


I brought Anil [Ajanta] onto my project (a $200 million global business transformation at a Fortune 100 company) to help lead the role mapping and change effort.  Anil was filling a void created when an FTE left the company for a great opportunity, and the contractor we had filling the role could not perform to my level of expectation.

Anil jumped in, repaired the damage the contractor created, accelerated the improvements we identified as necessary and started laying the groundwork for a change in approach.  Anil’s knowledge of SAP, role mapping, business processes, organizational impacts of role assignments, and multiple technology platforms (Excel, Access, SQL, etc.) proved incredibly valuable to us.  He was able to, in weeks, take us where we had been working for months to get.

I would definitely hire Anil again and am happy to recommend him on any SAP or large scale technology project.