Ingram Micro

Senior Director,

Global Change


I brought Anil [Ajanta] onto my project (a $200 million global business transformation at a Fortune 100 company) to help lead the role mapping and change effort.  Anil was filling a void created when an FTE left the company for a great opportunity, and the contractor we had filling the role could not perform to my level of expectation.

Anil jumped in, repaired the damage the contractor created, accelerated the improvements we identified as necessary and started laying the groundwork for a change in approach.  Anil’s knowledge of SAP, role mapping, business processes, organizational impacts of role assignments, and multiple technology platforms (Excel, Access, SQL, etc.) proved incredibly valuable to us.  He was able to, in weeks, take us where we had been working for months to get.

I would definitely hire Anil again and am happy to recommend him on any SAP or large scale technology project. 

Maricopa County





Working with Anil was a pleasure.  Maricopa County had a large number of RFPs and, in particular, a new Correctional Health Services system that needed to be sent out and approved immediately.   We did not have time to manually sort through several responses and vendors.  The idea around the system was simple as explained, but we understood its complexity.  Anil patiently worked with us and sorted through details to create a robust system that was even more sophisticated and had a larger variety of capabilities than we could have ever imagined.

Anil’s attitude was always positive and he fostered a collaborative environment.  He never assumed what we wanted or what was best for the system.  He thoroughly discussed requirements with us, and consented with us on any upgrades or new specifications that he felt would improve the overall package.  His thoughts and suggested improvements were insightful and improved the overall ease and usability of the system.  Anil worked quickly and efficiently and delivered a beta product in less than 3 months.  The system was successfully used for an RFP within the first month of its release.  Additionally, the system required upgrades and improvements on several occasions.  Anil attended to our requests immediately and often completed these improvements within a week despite his other client engagements.  He is also always available if we have any questions, and always gets back to us immediately. . .

. . .Overall we are extremely pleased with the delivery and the tool itself.  We plan to continue using the tool and would not hesitate to call Anil again for help with the software. 



SAP Implementation

Role to Position

Mapping Lead

. . . Anil was the hardest worker and accomplished so much while on the PRISM project.   He was an integral part of the development of the strategy and plan for Role to Position Mapping for the PRISM project.  Anil used lessons learned from his support of the previous roll out in Forest, MI and worked closely with myself and provided cross team to ensure we were successful.

. . . Further proof of a job well done was that at Go-Live, and throughout Performance Support, there were no issues with our role mapping and the System Access Request  process.  This situation was due in large part to the database programming that Anil created and maintained over the scheduled period of our project.  Anil ensured that our database maintained it’s integrity through a longer than normal period to maintain this type of personnel and security access information.  His work was meticulous and his strong work ethics ensured that his performance was amazingly consistent and he always maintined the highest of standards for his work!  Anil always performed at a level that surpassed what was required to get the job done. 

. . . Anil is an independent thinker and came up with many out of the box ideas that were incorporated into our integrated master plan.  Anil is very good at estimating the time required for tasks and how to build a plan to work out the details in order to come in on time.  Anil is a great team player and was always willing to help when other’s needed it.  Anil always takes the initiative to get the job done, and is good at communicating his plan to ensure we were working as a team.

Other contributions worth mentioning are Anil’s:

•Knowledge in organization design and change management

•Managing of cross-functional and cross-organizational teams 

•Maintenance of technical requirements 

•Strong knowledge of our Access database and the Raytheon Peoplesoft structure and it’s automatic feed into our data

•Ownership of the role mapping file and continued maintenance.  Ability to provide numerous metrics reported to management.

•Ability to roll things out quickly in an easy to interpret manner

•Communicates easily with others and receives feedback in a timely manner

•Develops messages to our stakeholders and provides valuable insight

•Initiated electronic Sign off of our role mapping database

•Lead the Texas sessions of our System Access Request training for Approvers

•Ability to work independently, as well as with all members of every team

•Orchestrated a sound plan to merge all of the data from the training certification files into our final end user mapping file (very complicated task)

•Quickly and efficiently processed all of the data in a short period of time in order to hand our data over to the Security team to load into SAP production (This was such an important part of our implementation, ensuring that all end users had the appropriate access at Go-Live to perform their jobs).

•Effectively executed all required deliverables and provided support with a level of dedication and integrity that stood out

It was my pleasure to work with Anil for the last 3 years.  I know that he will be successful at whatever he chooses to do and I hope that you feel free to contact me if you ever need a reference or further input on his outstanding performance.


IT Business


Systems Team Lead

As we are almost done at FirstCity, I would like to thank you for your commitment to the success of this closing.

It was our first real pay out as a team and, even if for some of you it does not change significantly your activities, the stress level was very high and you managed that very professionally.

-April 2009


Thank you for an outstanding job this past week in the resolution of Slipper!

I have gotten kudos from many of the FDIC folks including Wayne Thompson, Mike Spaid, Tracy Duerst, (bank VP/IT) and several others.

We overheard discussion stating that this was one of the smoothest, if not THE smoothest transaction that has been completed in recent memory.

You worked unselfishly and focused as a team and made my job easy.

-March 2009




Change Lead

nil Patel has worked on the Role to Position mapping team since the Forest project and brings his knowledge of the roles, the database and a great understanding of the task of role mapping.  Since CalTex APEX is a much larger implementation, his working on the R2PM team has proven to be a great asset.

Anil is able to work independently, and also works well with other people.  He is able to articulate himself clearly and has taken the lead on many tasks that he has quickly assessed and found solutions to.   Anil is a great team player and is well liked by all PRISM team members.

His knowledge of Access and R2PM’s Thread Manager tool has provided our team with the tools we needed to map over 6,000 employees to PRISM roles.  If there are issues that need resolution, he takes it upon himself to determine the root cause of the problem.  He also works well with our Thread Manager Administrator to devise solutions and to provide extra levels of detail required to keep our data in a manageable format.  This database is utilized by many work streams, including:  Training, Finance, Business Power Users and Program Management (as well as R2PM).

Anil works directly with our PRISM Security team and has developed a good working relationship with the SAP Competency Center, as well as the Raytheon Internal Compliance Excellence (ICE) teams representing each business (SAS, NCS and IDS).  A key and important task is to define which roles create segregation of duties (SOD) violations and which ones we need to find alternative resolutions to.  One of areas that Anil will be supporting after Go Live will be the Security aspect of our PRISM role mapping.  His current position on the R2PM team will allow him the opportunity to quickly assess the security/system access issues that need attention post Go Live.  

The dedication and tireless hours that Anil has put forth have been a testament to his good work ethics.  He continues to strive to achieve the high standards he holds himself accountable to.  Whatever it takes to get the job done, we can count on Anil to support.  He can quickly identify areas of concern and always has suggestions of measurable improvement for upcoming tasks as they arise.  Anil ALWAYS places the client’s needs first and the core of his decision making is founded on what is in the best interest of the client.

Anil’s abilities and talents extend far beyond the tasks at hand and we expect great things from him in the future.  He is a pleasure to work with and can surely step up to any role that he is handed in the future.  He represents Deloitte Consulting in a very professional, polished way and I am proud and honored to have him on my team.