Ajanta Consulting earns Texas HUB Status

Ajanta Consulting recently applied and received its State of Texas Historically Utilized Business (HUB) status.  With this certification Ajanta will have access to roughly 25% of projects that other firms that do not have the status.

Ajanta has recently become more involved in state agency projects. The State of Texas is experiencing explosive growth, and quite a budget surplus that is allowing State Agencies to accomplish several IT related needs they have had for quite some time. Consider the following:

  • State will have a jaw-dropping 10.4 billion to spend in 2014-2015
  • In 2013 Texas spent a whopping 2.4 billion on professional services
  • In 2012 Texas spent 2.8 billion on Technology a steady peak growth from 2007 at just 2 billion. This is 3.3% of Texas's total expenditures
  • $553 million of the above was spent on contract services
  • Comparatively the federal government spend $74 billion on IT expenditures, however roughly 25% of which is mismanaged spending

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