Medical coding

Ajanta Consulting provides over 45 credentialed personnel performing medical records coding and auditing under remote/on-site contract non-personal services contracts. They provide all required electronics records management, information technology, administrative, and management support services to code, abstract, analyze, assemble, audit, manage, and maintain medical record data

Ajanta recruites and manage skilled specialty staff for multiple end-users in different locations. Services are delivered to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic-Pentagon Military Treatment Facility (MTF), Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, and National Capital Region Building, as well as one Contractor location. A significant (over 70%) portion of their medical work is performed remotely (off-site) by coders, who perform remote electronic coding in accordance with all requisite information technology systems, protocols, and procedures in conformance with all applicable DoD regulations.