financial management support


Ajanta Consulting has expanded their service offerings into the accounting and budgetary support of commercial and government comptroller and program offices.  Ajanta has proven experience in making an overall assessment of an organization's financial structure then designing and implementing a structured program of support.  Ajanta employs a wide networking of finance professionals including CPAs and experienced financial analysts.

With the increased scrutiny on reporting and audit pressures brought on by government regulations, it is critical to ensure continued compliance and oversight by instituting industry standard controls to continually monitor status.  Ajanta is able to understand what it takes to be compliant by employing experienced auditors that know the red flags to look for that have worked on both sides of the table.


Below is a full list of just a few of the many FMS capabilities we offer:

o Assist comptroller and program management offices in budgetary supports
o Cost management and fund control approvals via advanced data analytics
o Funds control and execution process and gap analysis
o Development/support of financial management software applications
o Institution of systematic controls to full audit compliance and readiness
o Program/project management support in the areas of allotments and funding
o Appropriation accounting and analysis
o Budget control and execution
o Fund, audit, and cost tracking reporting and analysis
o Travel management