business process analysis

The successful operation of any business are the effeciencies of the processes they implement to arry out day to day operations.  The ineffeciences of the process, in most cases are what cause lost time, resources, and ultimately profits. Ultimately, despite the many variations in products, services, and industries the groupings of processes are very similar. Ajanta has become adept at analyzing the basic structure of business processes and identifying weaknesses.

Ultimately Ajanta knows that technology can be the golden key to improving processes, or the crutch.  Either way, it is critical to analyze business processes prior to any major changes.  It is important to understand and document how things are currently conducted, how the future process will be, and what the gaps are.  This is where change needs to be made to ensure current process is married to the future.


Click Picture to see Current State Process Flow Example

Click Picture to see Future State Process Flow Example